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Buying a New Home with Tile and Grout?

Buying a New Home with Tile and Grout Everywhere?

New Home with tile and grout

Buying a new home with tile and grout everywhere and don’t know what to do next? Most home builders don’t know or properly instruct you about tile maintenance, sealing,  or even what to use to clean your material with.  A lot of homeowners are sold homes with tile and grout already selected throughout their home.

This is where a Professional tile and grout cleaning service comes in. Professional Tile and Grout Cleaning businesses do nothing but service homes with many types of materials like porcelain, ceramic, travertine, marble, and more.  They get right to the point on how to properly maintain your tile and grout and most importantly start you off with the most critical of all services before you even move a box into is Sealing

Sealer is a clear water based product (at least the one I apply) applied to the tile and grout (most surfaces) and what it does is makes products bead and repel to the top of material (both tile and grout) to prevent permanent embedding of grout discoloration and more…The sealer applied leaves your floors looking natural with no haze or smear, or gloss.  The sealer will appear dry within minutes after being applied, and furniture typically can be placed back on the surfaces within a few hours. Pets and homeowners can be back in their homes almost immediately after service.

Now, keep in mind, sealing floors is not a one and done service. Most floors in every setting need periodic maintenance. Cleaning and resealing on an ANNUAL basis…This is the main reason why people’s new homes floors get filthy faster, due to no “regular” maintenance.  I typically suggest taking a picture of your floors (lots of light) so you can see the natural colors before you start living in your new home.

Handy Grout Cleaning Tips

Here’s a list of What to Use to Clean Porcelain or Ceramic Tile and Grout:

Blue Dawn and Water (1 drop of dawn & 18 ounces of water in a spray trigger bottle)

Natural Stone:

Neutral Cleaner (found at most cleaning supply stores, even home depot) or straight water…NO CHEMICALS!

Stay away from bare feet, shoes, slippers. Cotton Socks only!

Micro Fiber Padded Mop – This is the BEST I know of…Been recommending for years. Come’s in all sizes…

Relocating to any new home is stressful. When it comes to getting real answers and work done, just Hire a Professional. Tile and Grout Cleaning + sealing is all I do.

Live in Las Vegas, NV? Call 702-595-8178 I’d love to earn your business respectfully!

Visit me here at for much more information regarding your tile and grout!

Here is what your floors could look like upon a future tile and grout cleaning service (typical)…

If you’re buying a new home with tile and grout just about everywhere, hire a professional tile and grout cleaning service to clean and seal prior to moving in.

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