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What is Dirty Grout? What can you do about it?

What is DIRTY GROUT? What can you do about it?

What is dirty grout

Oddly enough, people often ask “what is dirty grout?” Dirty grout can be the most unsightly view, and no one wants to get down on hand and knees to clean it!  Dirty grout is often described by many as the following:

Black Grout
Filmed Grout
Discolored Grout
Hazed Grout
Smeared Grout
Greasy Grout
Grimy Grout
Funky Grout
Nasty Grout
Grungy Grout
Something Between the Tiles?
Concrete Grout

How Dirty Grout Happens

Dirty Grout typically occurs when 1 of 4 events Occur:

Bare Feet/Shoes
Wrong/Improper Cleaning Chemicals
Wrong Cleaning Apparatus

What Can Be Done About It? #1, Hire a Professional Tile and Grout Cleaning Service not only to get your floors looking and smelling “new” again but instruction on how to maintain with “proper maintenance” and suggested service intervals.

Owner Chief Dirty Grout

As an owner/operator in Las Vegas, NV, I find most people have no idea what type of material they have, nor do they have a clue of what to maintain grout with…People typically search the internet and dig up wrong information. Don’t ask Ann Landers (famous writer) about “how to clean tile and grout” because all she’ll do is search online…Ask an EXPERT who cleans and seals floors regularly as a primary service

For more information on all your grout and of course tile…Visit  or just call 702-595-8178 no matter where you’re at! If you have a question, I got a great answer…Odds are your READY for SERVICE! Let me show you how effective and efficient professional tile and grout cleaning service really is! Dirty Grout is not your friend…

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